Copperwound redirects here... Copperwound was a Dallas rock band, active from late 2005 to late 2009. Sadly, they broke up when Roger, the bassist, had to move to Alaska, and Steve, the drummer, had a baby. Too many things happened too fast for a group of guys who had regular day jobs. The album featured here was their first studio album, recorded with the fifth iteration of the band. This band had more drummers pass through it than Nirvana. There Are No Dogs featured Brian on vocals and guitar, Blake on lead guitar, Lionel on drums and Chris on bass guitar and backing vocals.

Copperwound played many clubs around Dallas, including the Green Elephant, Poor David's Pub, Lakewood Bar & Grill and many others. The greatest resume point, though, was semi-headlining the White Rock Lake Festival three years in a row. The organizers reserved the last slot on Saturday nights for labeled bands. Copperwound got the slot right before that, all three years.

The final iteration of the band featured Chris (a different Chris) on guitar, Steve on drums and Roger on bass guitar. The band was working on their second studio album when it finally lost momentum. Brian believes the last two songs he wrote, Meant to Shine and Solar Girl were the best he had ever written. In 2007, Copperwound entered and won a 24-Hour Music Race, in which bands had to write, rehearse and record a song within 24 hours. Theirs was called Circa Tonight. Their first album, There Are No Dogs is available for purchase on Amazon.




Brian Davis music resolves here... Brian wrote most of the music for Copperwound, and the lyrics for all but one song. Additionally, he has written other songs that weren't for Copperwound. At the turn of the century, he and a friend, Davi Arnold, had an acoustic duo setup called Something Shiny wherein Brian played the guitar and Davi sang all but one of the songs, Thirsty. They put out one album, Dezembro. She wrote the lyrics to all songs except for Of April and Thirsty, which Brian wrote, and Brian wrote the music for all songs on the album.

These days, Brian does very little writing musically, but is still fairly active on the guitar. He plays gigs at restaurants and bars occasionally with other guitarists but has yet to get a band back together.